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Welcome to I Love Vietnam Travel Co-op, a travel company designed to help you discover a new, more meaningful way of traveling. More than just Green Travel; Eco-travel is mindful travel; personality fulfilling, challenging and enlightening. We like to call it travel with purpose - a personal purpose and a global one. With ILV Travel Co-op, you will look at the world from a different vantage point and explore a more satisfying way to travel that can challenge you to rediscover your passions, learn about the places and people you visit, and help sustain the fragile environments, economies and disappearing cultures of the earth.

Think back to your last vacation. Perhaps you went to the coast or the mountains or to visit a foreign capital. The trip was pleasant, even exciting. But while you returned home relaxed, you did not feel changed by the experience: you came back the same person you were before you left.

Now, imagine traveling with a purpose - a personal one and a global one - and returning home reinvigorated, refreshed and fulfilled. Imagine having seen and experienced things you never though possible, stretched yourself and left a positive impact on the people and places you visited.

I want you to look at travel from a different point of view and you will discover the benefits of meaningful, purposeful travel. Let ILV Travel Co-op take you to a new dimension. Our mission is to make tourism a responsible way to travel that contributes to the conservation of natural areas and the well being of local people.

Love this country and, with your help, the highest standard of sustainability will become the standard practice in traveling throughout the world. Our commitment to ecologically responsible travel and conservation makes I Love Vietnam Travel Co-op the perfect travel partner for institutions.                                               

Our partners includes: Hanoi Open University,  Faculty of Tourism (HOU); World University Service of Canada (WUSC); Child Wise Tourism (ECPAT Australia); Know One Teach One, Training Center (KOTO); Institute for Foreign Languages (HAVETCO Vietnam); Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV); Capilano College Canada; International Youth Hostel Federation (IYHF); Vietnam Hostelling International (VHI); Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT); Vietnam Children's Fund (VCF); Vietnam Friendship Village; World Village Foundation; UNESCO-IYHF Center for Peace & Environment; Sapa Hotel Association; Fauna & Flora International; Peace Trees Vietnam; Frommer's Travel Book; Press Club (Culinary Venue); Emeraude Classic Cruises; Huong Hai Junk Cruises; Golden Key Language Center; Sapa Tourism Board and Hoi An Tourism Board.

Vietnam is awaiting you! We are educators. We are explorers. Of course, we are a tour operator and travel agency. Our company is headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam. Our office is situated on Hang Be Street in the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter. Prices of tours are listed in the TOURS menu.

Nguyen Duc Hien, Vietnamese and founder of I Love Vietnam Travel Co-op, is a graduate from the University for Teachers of Foreign Languages and National Economics University. He has worked for many years as an interpreter for many foreign companies. Since 1997, he has been the Director General of Hanoi Center for Cultural Exchange and Vocational Education and Training (HAVETCO). He is also the co-founder and the President of Vietnam Hostelling Association (VHI); the first Youth Hostel Association of Vietnam.

Nguyen Duc Hien


Denis Bissonnette, French-Canadian and founder of I Love Vietnam Travel Co-op, is a graduate of Ottawa University in Political Sciences, International Relations and History. He has worked in the tourism industry and traveled extensively for the last 22 years in more than 40 countries worldwide. He has been a Tourism Lecturer at Hanoi Open University, Faculty of Tourism for the last 3 years specializing in Sustainable Tourism, Community Based Tourism, Management of Tour Operations, Tour Guiding and Intercultural Communication. He is also the founder and the Chief Executive (CEO) of Vietnam Hostelling International (VHI); the first Youth Hostel Association of Vietnam.


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